SomaEnergetics Solfeggio Tuning Forks

We offer only the highest quality Solfeggio Tuning forks custom-made for SomaEnergetics by a manufacturer with over four decades of experience developing quality, therapeutic tuning forks. Our anodized Solfeggio Energy Tuners and Body Tuners are available exclusively through SomaEnergetics.

Solfeggio Tuning Fork Selection Chart
Trying to figure which tuning fork is right for you? Try the chart below.
Problem Solution Benefit
Overwhelmed, Stressed Personal Sound Therapy Kit Tools for Meditation, Relaxation and Space Clearing
Lack of focus, trouble sleeping, learning disorders Brain Tuners Promotes enhanced creativity and increased learning ability
Poor Memory, Muscle spasms, or circulation Otto Tuners Promotes relaxation, enhanced memory, and enhanced sexual function
Lack of Creativity, Openness Moon-Sun Combo Opens your creativity by utilizing the Vesica Pisces created by using the sun-moon combo
Repetitive negative patterns Angel Tuners Helps open your mind to new ideas, provides increased receptivity
Clearing Space Crystal Tuner Clear Space of negative energy or negative attachments
Pain Management Solfeggio Body Tuners Work with Acupressure Points to enhance energy flow.
Help with Meditation OM Tuner Meditate to a grounding Earth Tone
Prevention of the above Solfeggio Energy Tuners Works in the etheric body before an issue becomes cellular.
Looking for the 528 Miracle Fork MI 528 Tuner Energize Water based Foods, First Aid, Same frequency Biochemists are using to repair DNA
Need NCBTMB Hours or want to prepare before your LIVE training?  Home Study Course SomaEnergetics is an approved provider with NCBTMB #450637-08
Looking for a modality that I can incorporate into my practice Combo Packs: Learn the Energy Vitality technique

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