Magic and Miracles: Integrative Sound Therapy Kit

$333.00 USD

Clear, Ground, and Balance Your Energy  |  Relieve Stress  |  Call in Your Angels

  • Five Energy Tuners
  • One Body Tuner

Open New Magical Portals, Invite Miracles to Health Through Vibrational Energy

Access the Divine

  • Metatron Sacred Geometry
  • Beyond Raven Tree Access Portal

Genuine Shungite medallion can be worn as a pendant to help protect from EMFs, or used in sacred ceremony with other components.

Protect and Empower

  • Dragon’s Tooth Amethyst
  • Palo Santo Pure Essential Oil

Genuine amethyst crystal point assists in opening your third eye for clear vision and intuition. Appoint yourself with Palo Santo. Erase limitations to feel protected and empowered.