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Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day !

This month, Raven’s Call Healing Center is offering a romantic Valentine’s Day Couples Massage! Do something extra special for you and your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Couples massages are not just for lovers — mothers and daughters and good friends can enjoy a great massage together too. Couples will receive special treatment during Valentine’s… warm towels, roses and decadent chocolate.

We have THREE NEW classes this month covering the Elements of Sound Healing, 7th Seal Activation and a Beginner’s Introduction to Qi Gong. Please join us for these informative and enriching classes. If you are a healer who would like to teach a new class at Raven’s Call Healing Center in 2020, Lori is always looking to expand the Center’s offerings for classes that enrich body, mind and spirit. Give her a call at (928) 202-1179.


Louise Hays was one of the greatest spiritual teachers and thought leaders in practicing mindfulness. This month, we’re sharing her wisdom…

Give yourself the ultimate Valentine’s gift: Stop criticizing yourself—now and forevermore. Love and accept yourself as you are right now. When you do, you’ll blossom in ways that you can’t even imagine. Your love for yourself will work miracles in your life.

Here Are 5 Affirmations To Help You Love Yourself and Bring More Love into Your Life:

  1. I choose to see clearly with eyes of love. I love what I see.
  2. Love happens! I release the desperate need for love, and instead allow it to find me in the perfect time.
  3. Love is around every corner, and joy fills my entire world.
  4. Today, I remember that Life loves me and will reward me.
  5. Life is very simple. What I give out comes back to me. Today I chose to give love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

About Lori Lané 
Lori Lané LMT CVSMT has been a “Healing Facilitator” for the past 10 years. She is a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher and an Access Conscious Bars Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, and Reiki Master. Lori is a master of Sound Healing, Access Consciousness Bars, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Hot Stones and Spa Treatments. Lori’s results-oriented work is greatly respected among Sedona’s prominent resorts, where she exceeds the expectations of their international clientele. Her private practice gives her the opportunity to teach her craft to self-­healing seekers. Previously, Lori spent 25 years working as a Sales and Marketing professional. She has a deep love for animals, which compels her to raise money through Chair Massages for various animal organizations to whom she donates all such proceeds back to those foundations. Her sacred space, Raven’s Call Healing Center, holds up to 15 seats, is the ideal location for small workshop, and is available for booking Spiritual Events. For more information on attending a workshop or becoming a teacher, healer, or massage therapist at Raven’s Call Healing Center, call (928) 202-1179.

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