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Wishing You Well and Hope You’re Staying Strong!

Hello friends,

We hope you have been well and staying strong during this pandemic. A time like this requires inward reflection, but also reaching out to friends and loved ones to wish them well. Please know that we are here for you in body, mind, and spirit and can’t wait to see you soon.

We are excited to welcome Bill Foss to our Center for two classes on the topics of Mudras and Mantras and Akashic Records. If you’re not familiar with the Akashic Records, some people think of them as a library, book, or database. But according to the Records themselves, they are another dimension called the Akasha. The Akasha is a higher dimension than the dimension we live in where every thought, idea, and action from the past, present, and future are stored ad infinitum. If you’re familiar with String Theory, the Akashic Records is basically like a database of what’s happening in all the universes that are co-existing together. These are popular classes, so please be sure to RSVP ahead of time so we can make sure space is available. You can also join the class virtually. Also, in addition to the Distance Healing services we offer, if you need anything or have questions, please don’t hesitate to call (928) 202-1179.

With love,
Lori and the team at Raven’s Call Healing Center

TIP OF THE MONTH: The Power of Mantras

The translation of the Sanskrit word mantra is “instrument or tool of the mind.” Mantras are sacred sounds in the form of syllables, words, prayers, phrases, or hymns. They are commonly used in the practices of Hinduism and Buddhism; however, I believe we can use our own language, culture, or religion to create our own mantras. Recite these mantras for each chakra to balance your chakras and cultivate radiant, high-vibe energy:

  • First Chakra: Root
    “I am strong, supported, and abundant.”
  • Second Chakra: Sacral
    “I am the creator of my entire reality.”
  • Third Chakra: Solar Plexus
    “I am worthy of pursuing my passion and purpose.”
  • Fourth Chakra: Heart
    “I am love. I give love. I am open to love.”
  • Fifth Chakra: Throat
    “I am in alignment with my truth. I speak with clarity and intention.”
  • Sixth Chakra: Third Eye
    “I am in connection with my spirit and I trust my intuition.”
  • Seventh Chakra: Crown
    “I am one with the divine. I honor the divine within and around me.”

About Lori Lané 
Lori Lané LMT CVSMT has been a “Healing Facilitator” for the past 10 years. She is a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher and an Access Conscious Bars Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, and Reiki Master. Lori is a master of Sound Healing, Access Consciousness Bars, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Hot Stones and Spa Treatments. Lori’s results-oriented work is greatly respected among Sedona’s prominent resorts, where she exceeds the expectations of their international clientele. Her private practice gives her the opportunity to teach her craft to self-­healing seekers. Previously, Lori spent 25 years working as a Sales and Marketing professional. She has a deep love for animals, which compels her to raise money through Chair Massages for various animal organizations to whom she donates all such proceeds back to those foundations. Her sacred space, Raven’s Call Healing Center, holds up to 15 seats, is the ideal location for small workshop, and is available for booking Spiritual Events. For more information on attending a workshop or becoming a teacher, healer, or massage therapist at Raven’s Call Healing Center, call (928) 202-1179.

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