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Join Us for an Illumination Retreat This Fall!

Dear friends,

Lori will be attending SomaEnergetics annual conference August 19th and 20th, where she’ll be teaching energy tuner sound bath for groups. For those who have taken any of Lori’s classes or SomaEnergetics’ classes, this is a great opportunity to learn from others. SomaShare is a time for students, coaches and teachers to share how they use SomaEnergetics tools, how they integrate them into other natural therapies and how they market their natural therapies business. Go to somaenergetics.com to sign up!

The Fall season is about going more inward. Nature shows us this. Nature begins her own inward journey, as she “falls” into her dormant season. Lori and Auriel will be offering a retreat this November, the perfect time, supported by the rhythm of nature to go inward, doing the work to heal and spiritually evolve. Along with this, we experience the influx of cosmic light that is ushered in through the 11:11 gateway. This light is a gift if we choose to do the inner work. It is a catalyst and can accelerate the process. We have a very unique and powerful flow with this retreat that will help you feel completely supported in your transformational experience. We look forward to guiding and supporting your journey in this very Sacred place called Sedona. Click here for more information.

If you are a healer who would like to teach a new class at Raven‘s Call Healing Center in 2022, Lori is always looking to expand the Center’s offerings for classes that enrich body, mind and spirit. Give her a call at 928-202-1179.

Lori has tuning forks for sale. Read further to learn more about the Magic and Miracles Integrative Sound Therapy Kit to clear, ground and balance your energy.

Wishing you a month of health and wellness in body, mind and spirit!

Lori and the staff at Raven’s Call Healing Center

2022-08 August

TIP OF THE MONTH: Make sure you’re protecting your skin during these hot months. Follow these tips to get better looking skin in no time!

  1. Take Zmunity Mushrooms (improves blood flow and the appearance of skin and hair)
  2. Wash your face twice daily (and again after sweating)
  3. Avoid touching your face
  4. Always moisturize and wear sunscreen
  5. Avoid hot water which can damage skin
  6. Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated
  7. Engage in calming practices (like massage and meditation)
  8. Focus on gentle products for your skin

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