The Call of the Raven

“Raven so loud and talkative – are you really talking to me?”
“Listen – and you will hear the message, can’t you see?”
“Why, oh why” I ask – “why me?”
“There is healing work to be done – so just let it be
Heal yourself and all those you touch
Inspire others to heal – for they will gain so much.”

“Speak from the heart of Divine Love & Wisdom – let it flow
Reiki is the answer to your prayers – this you know …
You are guided for the highest good of others
You are blessed in your Journey of Love – as you walk with thy brothers.”

“Look for me in your dreams – for I will take flight
For you are on the right path – it is shimmering with light
The doors are now open and the old one is closed
Follow your intuition for you will always know where to go.
Sedona is your Heartland – for that is where you met me
Bound in Balance and Wellbeing – tis the Art of Life we breathe.”

For those who are reading this – come share the Raven’s Call
To join Awareness in Love – and the Freedom of its Song
We know you will dare to – because to dare is to breathe …
Breath is our Life – and the Raven’s bequeath …

– Lori Lané of Raven’s Call Inc.