Panetta Healing

Panetta Healing & Wellbeing Centre has developed a unique system integrating several holistic forms of medicine into a great Healing Force.  Its vision is to bring harmony into the World of Healing.

“The Maypole of Life” Course is an Internet-based study series created by Panetta Healing, applicable for both the layman and the practitioner, to grow in awareness and simultaneously develop healing skills.

Panetta Healing eBook (45 pages) 
Self-Healing for the 21st Century

  • Develop Your Intuition
  • Insight into the Maypole of Life Course
  • Transform Your Perception of Wealth
  • How We Handle Stress in Relationships
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Celebrate the Re-Emergence of the Green Man

Standard Edition – US $8.00 (UK £4.96)


For $1 more you can personalize this eBook for a perfect holiday gift idea!
An additional page will be included within the eBook, displaying the name of the person of your choice and a personalized message.

Personalized Edition – US $9.00 (UK £5.59)