Massage/Reiki Specials

  • 30 Minutes ~ Quick relief of pain in a specific area
  • 60 Minutes ~ Full body experience
  • 90 Minutes ~ The ultimate experience
  • Pet Reiki is also available
  • Free Sample of Sound Healing after any Massage or Reiki treatment over 60 Minutes

Healing Therapy Specials

One (1) 60-Minute Session ~ $70.00

One (1) 90-Minute Session ~ $100.00

Three (3) 60-Minute Sessions ~ $180.00

Treat your friend, spouse or loved one with a gift of healing by purchasing a Gift Certificate from Raven’s Call Healing Center.


“I would like to thank Lori for an amazing massage session. My stress and tension appeared to vanish into thin air and left me in a trance like state I did not expect. It took me longer than expected to ‘return to myself’ after her session, which was a welcome surprise 🙂 Lori set the bar high and I can only recommend her capable hands to anyone looking for a massage and needing a release from the daily stress.”

—Rob (Italy)

“I wanted to give you a follow up to the recent Reiki session that I had with you. This was a new experience for me and, to be honest, one that was surprisingly wonderful. I did not really know what to expect when we first started into the healing process, but as the treatment began, I started feeling a sense of calmness and peace. As you know, I was stressing about all the upcoming endeavors that I was about to take on in the weeks ahead, and just being on your table was again, peaceful and calming. Once the treatment began, I definitely could feel the energy changing in the room. My anxiety became less and less abundant and my entire being became so at peace, that at one point I think you noticed that I might even have fallen asleep!!! You were right on with the pressure points that you were hitting and the entire session made a huge difference in how I handled those next few weeks and all the experiences and challenges I faced. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and I hope to be on your table again soon!”

—Daun (San Diego, CA)