The Call of the Raven

Bird whose magic is revealing
The hallowed mystery of healing – smb

“The Call of the Raven” – the Raven is a mystical bird.  The messenger of news.  The call of the Raven is magical and spiritual in its own way.  Their communication skills are one of intrigue and to the “point.”  With over 30 sounds, they are loud and very talkative and they can also speak human languages.  They are inquisitive, very playful and known to be a trickster at times.

Mistaken by most as a “Crow,” the Raven is much smarter; larger in appearance and has a black-purplish glow that shimmers with beauty.  The Raven has the largest brain in the bird species and has great problem-solving abilities.  Whatever task is at hand, the Raven gets the job done.  Very persistent, it never gives up until it gets what it wants!  When in the presence of several Ravens, they are very powerful and unforgettable.

As like a Raven, Lori Lané’s desire is to get the word out about services that are available to the community through Reiki healing.  It is the life energy within us.