Don Durrett – Author of “Finding Your Soul”

At the December 2012 and April 2013 events, sensational speakers such as Don Durrett shared their knowledge and magic:

DonDurrettI started writing metaphysical books in 1990, only one year after I read my first spiritual book. The ten books I have written were all easy to write, and the purpose of each is to help humanity awaken. I’ve been waiting for the world to begin a spiritual shift before I publish my first book, and I believe that time has come.

An astrologer did a reading for me in 1991 and wondered why I was in America. She said nobody in this country cared for what I had to say, and that I should be in India or a monastery in Tibet. So far, she’s been right, but increasingly metaphysical ideas are becoming accepted by mainstream society and this will continue.

I’m well-read in metaphysics and the New Age genre. I’m an old soul who understands spirituality at a very high level. I consider myself a spiritual philosopher who can write. I have the ability to present the spirituality of the future in an accessible manner. This is a unique gift and has led me to a writing career.

Astrologically, I am a Pisces with Cancer rising, with the moon in Sagittarius. In Numerology, I am a 28, with a 1 Lifepath and a 9 Attitude. Using the Science of the Cards, I am a 5 of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds. In the Michael Teachings, I am a 5th Level Old Soul Priest/Scholar. I have a master’s degree in business and have worked in computer related positions for nearly 20 years.



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