Spiritual Sundays – February 4 & 18, 2018

Rev. Diana is an ordained New Thought minister having served ministries for over 25 years as well as established several new ministries from their inception. She is well versed in spiritual principles and—although semi-retired—still offers classes, workshops, guest speaking, weddings and counseling. Her favorite areas of study and service are raising consciousness and helping people to understand and bridge the gap between organized religion and New Thought.

10:30 – 11:45 AM, February 4th & 18th

The Ascension Process

Tired of organized religion? Join us for an ongoing semi-quasi spiritual service with prayer, meditation and song offering an in-depth exploration of spiritual truths (not religious dogma) and how they apply to us today with discussion.

Presentation will include the who, what, where, when and why of Ascension:

♣  What does it mean to Ascend?
♣  Do we have to die to Ascend?
♣  What is the Spiritual Hierarchy?
♣  Why was Earth chosen?
♣  Why do I feel so strange?
♣  What in the world is happening?
♣  Who am I?
♣  Why am I here?
♣  How do we move from a 3rd-dimensional world to a 5th-dimensional world?
♣  How will our world change this year? Why?
♣  What will life be like in the 5th dimension?

Suggested Love Offering $10

Please call/text (928) 963-0656 to reserve your seating. Seats are limited.
Or email: dirunge@yahoo.com
Location: 25 Bell Rock Plaza, Ste A, Village of Oak Creek on SR 179,
just behind Wildflower Inn & across from Ace Hardware
at Raven’s Call Healing Center, first building on the left when entering plaza from 179.


Join us for breakfast/brunch/lunch afterwards