Introduction to Elemental Beings – April 21, 2017

With Donna Lee Dranginis, RMT, Cht

You have heard of the Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire), but what do you know about the Elemental Beings (Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs, Salamanders)?

$20.00 USD

Friday, April 21, 2017
6 – 7:30 PM
at Raven’s Call Healing Center

“The Elementals manifest in magical and merry ways. They are powerful partners with human beings because they hold the blueprint of the Earth. Since humanity is one of the largest species/populations on the Earth, the Elementals work with us on our life journey as we co-create with them to bring forth our greater purpose, passion, and return to our playful nature! The Elementals interact with us on a regular basis and are here to support us and to heal the Earth.

I have engaged with Elementals my whole life. I experienced them as a child and have continued to engage them in very wondrous and real ways. My purpose and passion is to facilitate you in recapturing and rediscovering these very real beings of energy that are pure spirits of the Earth.

I offer insight to assist you in understanding how to connect, ground, and balance the energy (whether it is with the Elementals, Elemental Beings, or Angels).”

—Donna Lee Dranginis, RMT, Cht

Join in an exploration of:

  • Who are the Elementals?
  • Why are the Elementals here?
  • How do the Elementals partner with Human Beings?
  • How can you develop a relationship with the Elementals?

About Donna Lee:

Donna has received certification in Reiki, Hypnosis, Universal White Time Healing, and Medicinal Aromatherapy. Through her business of Divine Life Expressions, LLC, she provides tools and passion to create a connection with self, community, environment, and all beings through positive thoughts, words, emotions, and action. To contact Donna directly about registering for this course, call (928) 301-8961.