Sedona Soul Balance – Anke Buffalo Feather Otto­-Wolf

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Sedona Soul Balance
Anke is the founder and CEO of Sedona Soul Balance (Sedona, AZ) assisting individuals from all over the world in shedding emotional ballast and finding their true Self and Soul Balance. She is a dedicated Transformational, Life Empowerment Coach (Jack Canfield trained) and Spiritual Guide, International Speaker, Published Author.

Anke’s insightful sessions and workshops—in beautiful Sedona and online—are strongly influenced by her studies in Native Philosophy, Metaphysics, European studies, art and music, and world religions, as well as her work as a teacher with at­-risk, inner­-city kids, for which former President Bill Clinton honored her.

Anke’s specialty is guiding a person’s energy toward being more balanced, fulfilled, and effective for focused actions and solutions. Anke is Sedona’s premier Life Empowerment Coach with the special Insight to the burdened Female Soul.

Anke Buffalo Feather’s gift of intuitive assessment recognizes instantaneously “where you are and where you want to be.” The Interpersonal connection changes the perception of Self.

Upcoming Retreats, Events:

  • 4 Days Sedona Magic – July 14–17, 2016
  • “Sedona Magic” on the Road to Santa Fe, NM – August 4–7, 2016
  • “Sedona Magic” in Santa Fe” – October 7–9, 2016
  • “Sedona Magic” in Santa Fe II, ­Advanced Retreat for Women

Testimonials: Read Anke’s highly rated TripAdvisor reviews:

“Sometimes our souls are heavy with ghastly memories from the not-so-far past, and we do not have the skills to overcome. Through your amazing guidance and teachings we learned how to. Now I know that my life will change forever, thanks to you!”

—Raluca Ionescu (Bucharest, Romania)

“Well, that crazy spiritual experience I wanted was beyond what I expected. She took me to places way farther than Sedona, way deeper than I’ve ever experienced. Still today, 6 months later, I carry the message I learned. I still do my homework, and while I’m back on the East Coast, I remain in contact with the AMAZING Anke via email. This is an unforgettable experience.”

—Pablo (Florida)

“Anke is truly the ‘real deal’—honest, sincere, knowledgeable and full of wisdom. A great teacher!”

—Carrie (Ohio)

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