2015-07 Sedona Magic

4 Days Sedona Magic

Women’s Value & Empowerment


Discover Your Very Own Energy Portal

At the Foothills of Bell Rock

Ditching Guilt, Blame, Shame
Stress Reduction at Home, Work, Play
Unearthing Inner Wisdom and Self-Power
Sensatory Self-Application of Sound Healing for Mind, Body and Soul
Awakening the Self Within

Experience a down-to-earth Approach to Living a healthy, productive Life, improving relationships, leaving Inadequacy and lack of Self-Confidence behind

Abundant Success is YOURS!

Thursday, July 14 – Sunday, July 17, 2016

4 days & 3 nights 

Presented by

Ravens Call Lori Lané

Lori at Raven’s Call

Sedona Soul Balance

Anke at Sedona Soul Balance

Cozy Cactus

Cozy Cactus B&B


Now, we’re asking you: What does Self-Awareness mean to you? What’s Your Value? Who is your true YOU? Love to learn ditching Guilt, Blame, Shame? Want to shed emotional burden?

Then, Join us in Sedona-Village of Oak Creek for 4 days and 3 nights of Enlightenment of the Self to

Awakening the Self within; experiencing a down-to-earth Approach to Living a healthy, productive Life with Joy and Laughter; improving relationships; unearthing Inner Wisdom to reduce Stress; embracing Sensatory Improvement, Energy Self-Healing and Soul Balance
Discover Your Life’s Purpose together with us in Sedona

Experience the most amazing spiritual Transformation of a Lifetime and                  Say ’hello’ to your Future Self!

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